FAQs about buying, postage terms of use, my art and other things

  • Are your paintings and drawings for sale? Yes, almost everything I show is or may be for sale. I also sell other things like prints and keyrings and also some handcrafted items too.
  • Do you supply your prints, keyrings, bookmarks, greeting cards, etc for wholesale? Yes, of course, send me a message.
  • What payment methods do you accept? I accept Cash, Cheques or Paypal. Purchases despatched asap after payment/cleared payment. Credit cards accepted at events.
  • Do you send overseas? Yes I will always try my best to send your chosen piece to you at the best possible shipping price. If it doesn't state it - please ask.
  • Are there tubes and images available for psp use? For psp/tubing use, please contact me direct or check my etsy page.
  • What is your copyright info? All work is copyrighted to Fearneve/Gaynor Lewis. I've been using the name Fearneve for my artwork since 2010 and work other than pagan/fantasy is usually signed Gaynor Lewis.
  • I've seen some of your work bearing the name 'ArenA', is it stolen? No, 'ArenA' is another name I signed with for a time and much of the work I did in the 1990's is signed that way. ArenA was a nickname I was given back in the late 70s/80s.
  • Can I place your images on my webpage? Sure, but - you must not hotlink to any of my images. Also you will need to place a credit of my name and link www.fearneve.co.uk or my banner beside it.


  • Can I use your image for a tattoo? Yes! I'd love to see the end result - please send me a pic of it!
  • Can I commission you to do a painting, drawing, jewellery or clay sculpture? Yes, of course, simply visit the commissions page for details or message me directly.
  • Can you paint me a picture of my pet/family, etc for free? Sorry, but no.
  • Would you license your work for cross-stitch? I would! Also available for licensing for other things such as magnets, jewellery etc - open to all ideas, send me a message!
  • Are you a full-time artist? I recently took 2015 off to concentrate on something else but I returned back into it fulltime in 2016 and so yes, this is my job and I'm a full-time artist.
  • How long have you been an artist? I see lots of artists answer this question and they say ever since I could hold a pencil. To be honest I probably could hold a pencil when I was a few months old but I wouldn't have been able to direct it! I had the love of art as a young child through to adulthood  but seriously considered my art much later, about 1996, after illness forced me to step back from my then business and re-evaluate my life and what I could do. After many months trying to get some stability back in my hand due to nerve problems, I finally could draw again and have never looked back! 
  • What mediums do you work in? I work in many mediums as I like such a lot about each one and quite often use several in a piece because of this. I use both traditional and digital.
  • Can you paint me a picture of my favourite band member, celebrity? As a rule, no I cannot as it infringes on copyrights but in some very rare instances you can get permission off the person in question to allow this. Basic rule is no monies made from their image and of course you'ld be paying me to do it.
  • My question wasn't answered? Sorry, please feel free to message/email me with your question and I'll do my best to help.


Refunds, etc

If you should require a refund or exchange, please notify me in the first instance and within 7 days of receiving your item(s).

Item(s) must be returned in perfect new condition, unused, and refund/exchange instructions followed to qualify. Buyer pays for return shipping/no refunds on shipping.

No refund or exchange will be granted if the item(s) have been damaged after receipt of delivery or purchase if purchasing direct from me in person.


Contact details

  • email: fearneve@sky.com
  • +44 (0)7736 549235
  • Address: Midland Road, Heanor, Derbyshire. DE75 7PN