Art inspired by the power of nature, myth and Legend...



This is the magical world of Fearneve ~ a world brimming with nature and wildlife; and of mystical creatures and the landscapes in which their world intermingles with our own.
Embracing the love of land, sea and sky, I take inspiration from the beauty that can be found in the lands around me. 
The name Fearneve, pronounced 'Fair un Eve' is from Fearn (pronounced Fair un), which is the Celtic Tree Lore name of the Alder. The Alder has many magickal and spiritual associations. My ancestral name is Eve, sometimes spelt as Yve, though pronounced the same. Born during the Alder month and with my ancestral name ~ Fearneve.

I'm a Derbyshire artist creating original paintings and drawings. My specialist areas are pagan, druid, nature and fantasy.

I am a writer of stories and poetry and also take an interest in photography.

I have exhibited locally and internationally. I also attend events throughout the year - announced in the Latest News and Blog and also on my Facebook page.

Tubes and images for psp creators, stationery, etc, direct from myself.

I welcome any interesting opportunities from galleries, publishers, commissions, etc. Please contact with details



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I am a member of:



The Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids (OBOD)

The National Trust

English Heritage

Marine Conservation Society


'Go careful where you tread, for in the darkest shadows you may lose your way and find yourself falling into fantasy and darkness.'