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  1. A welcome sign of spring - A favourite garden bird, the blue tits are a familiar visitor to our garden. Cheeky with acrobatic skills, they are so wonderful to watch :)
    A few years ago I took many photographs of them and eventually painted this painting in acrylics on canvas - Blue Tits in Spring.
  2. Well, 2017 is officially here and I'm still yet to make my mark with any artwork, having not as yet touched a canvas since before Yule! I am itching to get going on it asap but never seem to be able to start at this time of the year when the dreaded tax return is waiting for me to complete it and send it in. This time it is for my previous business and I really don't feel like doing it but will get there soon I'm sure :D Just a bit more to sort before I can so shouldn't be long before I can get back to painting properly again.

    I am working on my diary of events for this year. I am at the Asgardian Heathen Festival at the end of July and am awaiting confirmation for another which I'll announce as soon as it hits my email as well as any others that I book space with.

    I haven't had chance really to work out what I want to do in detail this year, both in my career and spiritually but aim to enjoy the events I'm going to, enjoy the paintings I'm working on and also to push further into my clayworks and get back to my writing/editing of several novels. Spiritually I will follow my druidry journey and seek inspiration from the land and nature around me to enrich both my life and my creations. 

    This year is the first time in several years that I haven't sent in entries for the postcard exhibition at Surface Gallery in Nottingham and I've just ignored another exhibition that was bookmarked. After many years of exhibiting at 'regular' galleries I've decided to break away for a bit unless I can find a more suitable gallery out there. I just feel like art is often overlooked in many of them and many seem to be the same as seen many times before. Not many seem to stand out. Its simply not what I'm aiming for with my art. Whats wrong with my artists of today? Be unique! Your art is a part of you so let your energy flow through you to it.

    By attending events and festivals instead I am able to place much of my work in an allocated area, preferably at a suitable venue and also of course it means that I get to meet you guys too! Plus they are so fun to be at :) Might see you there! 


    Blue Tits in Spring -acrylics on canvas